Lee Baron

Property Management

Bespoke, modular CMS with a dynamic front-end design.

Lee Baron is a leading specialist in property management, investment agency, and professional services. With assets over £3.5bn managed and a heavyweight client base it was essential that they positioned themselves correctly online. Their existing website which was only a few years old lacked design direction and credibility. The site was built using Wordpress which was increadibly difficult and frustrating for Lee Baron to use and update. We were asked to analyse the existing website, the workflow, the creative and most importantly the messaging and to come up with a solution which not just looked good but worked well.


The Outsorcery creative team analysed the market place and their competitors and they were all saying the same thing. There was nothing to differentiate any of them as ultimately what they all offered was the same. We needed a big idea.

We decided to publish ‘Key Facts’ about Lee Baron. This gave total transparency to potential and existing clients and the sheer size of their organisation. The facts were impressive, interesting to look at and the numbers were animated on screen as you load the page. This drew the attention of users to the home page into what made them different.

The entire site is controlled by the Content Management System which was built specifically to their requirements. Every aspect of the content, including the Key Facts, Navigation Menus, Case Studies, Sub Sections can all be updated via the CMS.


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